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As our next Healdsburg City Councilmember, Ron will use his diverse experience to address the most important issues facing our beautiful city, including:

Addressing the housing affordability crisis is essential in helping our labor force, retirees, and those who grew up in Healdsburg continue to be our neighbors. This is a priority to maintain our diverse and bountiful community, and keep Healdsburg a place that more can afford to call home or for long-term residents struggling to stay afloat, continue calling Healdsburg home.

Homelessness is a tragic epidemic that has impacted too many people. We need to address the accessibility of mental healthcare and needed housing services to stop the cycle of poverty and homelessness that can affect any of us. Most people are a few missed paychecks away from experiencing housing insecurity, and it’s time we found lasting solutions to this pressing problem.

Community Engagement is essential for a thriving democracy, and Ron will take it upon himself to eliminate the hurdles that are in the way of our community being involved in their own government.

We are in the throes of a historic drought. It is imperative that we balance the needs of businesses and residents to find ways to conserve our valuable life source. I will work with all stake holders to find common solutions and explore every avenue to find a way to ensure water security for all who call Healdsburg home.

Climate Change is an existential threat that is at our front door. The younger generations will bear the brunt of its harmful impacts, so we need to do what we can today to limit its effects. It is up to us to say, “we did everything we could”.

Though Covid-19 and its effects feel like they are behind us, the economic and social stress it placed on our shoulders is still weighing our community down. Ron will open doors and help lessen the burdens so Healdsburg residents can continue to make progress in recovery.

Ron Edwards 2022 Logo For Healdsburg City Council

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